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A TRUMPET + A TROMBONE [entries|friends|calendar]
the obvious child

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[05 Mar 2011|10:22pm]

i made a new mixtape if you want to DOWNLOAD.

how are you?
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winter mixtape [22 Jan 2011|11:36pm]

i made a mixtape for the winter called "up at the farm & down in the graveyard" (like the last sentence of ethan frome because living in massachusetts in the winter makes me really commiserate with that guy). it is under my nom de mixtape, thurn taxis (like the family that founded the european postal service). these are the songs on it, which i do not own but which sound nice together:

10 tracks / 40 minutes

0:00 cloud nothings “morgan” from turning on, 2010
3:06 talking heads “found a job” from more songs about buildings and food, 1978
8:06 indian rebound “i’m not yours” from indian rebound EP, 2010
11:25 wombs “protein shake” from unitopians, 2010
13:41 oberhofer “petz / haus,” live on heritage radio, 2010
18:42 ava luna “clips” from services, 2010
22:55 menomena “cough coughing” from i am the fun blame monster, 2003
26:16 tennis “seafarer” from cape dory, 2011
29:15 paul simon “thelma” from rhythm of the saints, 1990
33:26 yuck “rubber” from yuck, 2011

you can download it HERE.
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new years' resolution [30 Dec 2010|01:36pm]
1. take no prisoners
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[21 Nov 2010|11:27pm]
two beautiful decades! please give me lots more with you wonderful people! i love everyone. thank you for everything you have done for me.
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[26 Sep 2010|10:00pm]

i am so lucky. i worked so hard to be able to have this weekend totally free and it was the best weekend of my life.

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[10 Sep 2010|03:39pm]

my room

my last day of summer

cannot BEGIN to tell you how happy i am to be back
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[27 Jun 2010|10:01pm]
my friend josh went down to williamsburg last week to pick up beirut tickets for some people (they were only available at the box office) and managed to snag me one. i only just found out he did on friday. the show's a week from tomorrow. i can't believe this is happening.

this summer's going to be rad. i will see you at a bunch of free shows, for sure. i can't wait for them to announce what's at the waterfront this year but i guess we'll find out soon!
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[17 May 2010|11:32pm]

basically when i write a story that i feel is publishable i then continue to write stuff that won't make it into the actual work just for the sake of writing more about the characters. sometimes in doing this i figure out more about these people that i make up which i then work into the actual story, although i mostly just do it for my own amusement / out of boredom. anyway, i've decided to start putting some of this on the internet so that you guys can read it. i'll make sure to link to it when i add something new. and if you are on tumblr follow me!
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[08 May 2010|12:24am]
mad with my love for this song

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[27 Jan 2010|08:05pm]
this is what i feel like right now. i love everything.

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[18 Jan 2010|12:39am]
everything i have done i have done so that i would be happy and nights like tonight remind me that nothing is more worth it. i need to stop feeling guilty about things when the things i feel guilty about bring me happiness like this. i didn't stop beaming for a second for about three hours tonight.
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[06 Jan 2010|10:57pm]
my new years' resolution was to publish something but i am too scared to send my work to actual fiction magazines and whatnot so i am attempting to DO THIS SHIT MYSELF. last night in the middle of the night i had this brilliant idea and i decided to make a little book of six stories, so i did that today.

it's called OSSUARY.
this is why:

the stories in it are:

five of them are about new york. the oldest one i wrote a year ago and the most recent one i wrote monday. two are long, and the rest are short. if you would like a copy let me know your address, if you live in westchester i can probably bring it around to you, if not i can mail it.

let me know if you want a copy! i'm hoping to have them done in about two weeks or so.
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[22 Nov 2009|04:21pm]
such a wonderful birthday. i can't believe i am nineteen years old but then "all the most important people in new york are nineteen." i feel like this still applies to me in south hadley.
we all went out last night to see fool's gold and local natives and it was just a confirmation of why i love music. local natives covered talking heads warning sign... so fantastic. when fool's gold played this ten-minute jammed-out version of surprise hotel i was so happy i can't even describe it to you. we were in the second or third row just dancing like crazy with absolutely no space to really do so. it's so amazing to me how they just jam the living daylights out of these sweet little afro-pop songs, all the vocals in hebrew, flute and saxophone... so much fun. at the end of the night i talked for a bit to lewis pesacov who plays the guitar and i told him about my radio show with lauren and that we played his record about once a show. he thanked me for that and then he thanked danielle and i for dancing. it was such a fun night, absolutely no words! i love going to see bands that are happy to play for you, and they all appeared quite pleased to be playing for us. it was a lovely night.
anyway tonight the closest dining hall has my favorite dinner AND my mom ordered me a giant cookie that says "happy birthday sweetie" on it so we're going to have people over for dessert. but meanwhile emma and i are just going to groove to surprise hotel (we've played it about 5-6 times today)!
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[17 Nov 2009|10:42am]
"I think she's in the right, but I have never seen such a positive post on a music blog about a contemporary band/artist."
--- random commenter on random blog regarding my review of "cousins" on pma.
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i've been good too long [13 Nov 2009|05:14pm]

taking every possible sub shift digging for vinyl because one cd player's broken playing maggie's farm and then la roux and then plastic bertrand and then white rabbits etc. danielle came and sat with me last night and we played some stuff off boxer and alternated vinyl with new music for an hour.
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[23 Oct 2009|04:15pm]
i swear, right now it is like the only song that exists for me is COTILLION BLUES
this is everything that i like about music in four and a quarter minutes.
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[09 Sep 2009|10:02pm]
we just discovered there's a bathtub in our bathroom so i'm going to do a zooey glass sometime this semester and read in the bathtub. that was always my favorite part of franny and zooey because the description is so sexy in this roundabout awkward way.
we're kicking out the brahms in our room and earlier we had scheherezade on. everything is good. this is what my new home looks like:

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FRIDAY [02 Aug 2009|12:58pm]


matt beringer came down with us and sang mr. november: "i'm the great white hope i'm the new blood i won't fuck us over." it poured throughout the national and vampire weekend. we'd been third row since before fleet foxes. robin pecknold told us a story about a white mini cooper with the license plate SHADOWFAX. in front of me jordan and anthony and chad yelled all the words to mykonos and blue ridge mountains - "you go wherever you go today. you go wherever you go today." i took off my shoes and left them in the mud when vampire weekend played a-punk and ladies of cambridge and walcott because they were sticking and wouldn't come out.
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THE MOST IMPORTANT THING [23 Jul 2009|09:31pm]
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[06 Jul 2009|08:45pm]
i have 21 free train rides right now, so that means 10 concerts at no expense to me (well i guess $4.50 for there-and-back subway).

as of now i have eight definites and two maybes:

pains of being pure at heart, seaport july 10
mission of burma, williamsburg waterfront july 12 *
siren, coney island july 18
dirty projectors, williamsburg waterfront july 19
black lips, w.w. july 26
all points west july 31
no age / dan deacon / deerhunter, w.w. august 2 *
yeasayer, pier 54 august 13
girl talk, w.w. august 23
grizzly bear, w.w. august 30

(* maybe)

waterfront lineup is really good this year! my dad might come with me to mission of burma... AWESOME
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